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Salim Bayri (b. Casablanca 1992) makes sculptures in virtual reality while listening to obsolete online chatrooms where strangeness, blasphemy, and pulling each other's leg are common practices. As a polyglot, Bayri can enter many of the different rooms where diasporas gather.

Salim is rooted in what he calls, a 'Hadra1 Collider' (also spelled: '7adra2 Collider' or '8adra3 Collider') - a conceptual device he coined referring to the Large Hadron Collider which imagines a particle accelerator built inside his throat.

By adding tongues and making words hit each other, he hopes to find the particle-x in languages and thereby answer the questions of cultural violence. He does that physically by upsetting materials such as sand, bread and 3D printed cork, vocally through setting narrative situations, and sonically with his brother Tayeb in the music duo BAZOGA.

38adra (الهضرة) in Moroccan Darija means 'talk'.
27adra (حضرة) means 'procession'.
1Hadra is a made-up word in between both.

Salim Bayri went to the Rijksakademie (NL), holds a BA in Arts and Design from the Escola Massana (CAT) and a MA in Media, Art, Design and Technology from the Frank Mohr Institute (NL). He's been nominated for the Amsterdam Prijs Voor de Kunst and the Vordemberge Gildewart Award.
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