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Computer Image Crafting (CIC) with Salim Bayri

Computer image crafting (CIC) is a slightly different approach to CGI (computer generated imagery) because it is about having a more panoramic view that goes beyond using a computer to make an image. Mixing high tech software all the way to pen and paper, we will look at the many ways an image can be made to fit your purpose. Moving, still, interactive, 2D or 3D. We can use Photoshop, Blender, Substance Painter, Premiere, Touchdesigner, mobile apps like Capcut and Picsart, Text to image generation tools like Dall-e, Chinese ink, 3D scanning and even old clunky obsolete software like Microsoft Paint. I will adapt and guide you in the infinite ways a moving or still image can be made always with a focus on doing it in the easiest and most energy efficient way possible. In addition to one 3-hour practical workshop, Salim Bayri will be supporting the selected artists during two one-on-one studio sessions. Our (A)WAKE studio offers us a responsible, respectful, and communal environment to listen together, and learn and practice with each other.


Salim Bayri is a multimedia visual artist and polyglot whose practice spans sculpture, performance, drawing, coding, tech, and the virtual realm. Across his work, the slipperiness of linguistic, plastic and digital representations takes a central role. By adding tongues and making words strike each other in humorous, disorienting and often absurd ways, he hopes to find the particle-x in languages and thereby answer questions related to alienation and cultural violence. In keeping this hope alive, Bayri imagines a decolonial approach that lingers in the poetic possibilities of the happy accident, the unexpected crack, the unreachable dream. Bayri is half of the music duo BAZOGA and he is represented by Galerie van Gelder in Amsterdam, but he can often be found hanging out in obsolete online chat rooms where diasporas gather, and where strangeness, blasphemy, and “pulling each other’s legs” are common practices.