Upcoming event: Heritage Studios: exploring cultural heritage in a digital age / 20 Nov at 12:00 / Tickets ︎


Heritage Studios is a program of (A)WAKE. With the Rotterdam club/space MONO as its home base, (A)WAKE provides a space for the in-between voices with multiple cultural backgrounds. The direction of (A)WAKE is driven by questioning the emancipatory potential of the digital world in favor of equal access and mutual cultural exchange between WANA and West Europe.

Through the focus on these two regions which we personally find ourselves in, we aim towards creative and critical approaches which challenge the greater North-South power dynamics through art and digital culture.

The artists will be coached, advised and/or supported by producer Cheb Runner, design-duo Mooni Studio, interactive designer Remi da Troa, production force Tugba Bahceci, public program curator Shirin Mirachor. With experts like Tekchbila, Imad Gebrayel, Modular Princess and Raed Yassin we go in conversation about the meaning of cultural heritage as a diaspora, the value of archives in a digital age and the burden of representation. Hear or read more about it.
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