H3ritage Studios Rotterdam showcase night 25th of November 2023 at MONO Rotterdam / Get your Tickets / 
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Audio/Visual play Mika Oki

The multidisciplinary artist Mika Oki invites you to have a look in the audiovisual world. She will bring a starter pack to use the audio-visual tool Resolume Arena. A software with an infinite possibility to mix and match your visuals quickly, easily and play it like an instrument. You’ll learn how to blend video, map on any type of surface (from complex geometrical structures or whole buildings) with one, two or more projectors. Mika Oki will be visiting us from Brussels at our (A)WAKE studio, which offers us a responsible, respectful, and communal environment to listen together, and learn and practice with each other.


Like a sculptor who knows that the slightest miscalculated move of a chisel could damage the totality of an artwork, Mika Oki’s selections elude great mastery and undeniable preparation. Doing wonders in her many radio shows, it’s difficult to realise her taste in rumbles and undeniable love for sounds from across the Channel (drum and bass, UK garage, 2-step, grime...) before seeing her on the dancefloor. Never hesitating to alternate a 90s dance anthem with an obscure juke track, she also manages to gather seemingly disparate and conflicting elements together, creating an incredible coherence. Percussive but generous, erudite yet uninhibited, she pieces together unique mixes that never cease to surprise. Apart from being a DJ, Mika Oki is a visual artist working on A/V pieces that unsettle our senses. In September 2020 she launched LYL radio’s antenna in Brussels.