H3ritage Studios Rotterdam showcase night 25th of November 2023 at MONO Rotterdam / Get your Tickets / 
<  Celine Bereyakan

Celine Bereyakan (Dicle Gülşahin) is a songwriter, producer, and DJ based in Rotterdam making covers and lo-fi beats sampled from Turkish pop music, and composing post-punk songs, all in DIY aesthetics. Her sets consist of the songs from her youth, widely regarded as ‘guilty pleasure’. While nostalgia is an essential dimension of her music; the true core of her practice relies on the musical quality of early samples of Turkish pop that features the authentic sound of the geography.

Instagram: @celinebereyakan

“During H3ritage Studios program, I’d like to explore the collage as a form of commemoration and musical interpretation, by repurposing samples from popular culture elements from Turkey and around. As a DIY-musician lacking proper musical education, I see the program’s offerings as a great opportunity to improve my vision and skills while learning from the experts and exchanging muses with participating fellows.”