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< Derby Saga (Noise Diva + Lazer Gaser)

After their previous collaboration as BabyLazer (which consisted of DIY synth, noise machine and mandatory ear plugs) that was born out of the question, why are we not making music together? And after performing in one gig, one day before corona broke through, the project was meant to be put to sleep in order for Derby Saga to be born.
Derby Saga is a music project in the form of a band, the duo Noise Diva and LazerGazer come from a long friendship and a lot of multilingual karaoke nights. Angry brutal screams, soft-sung lyrics on top of dreamy romantic synths and percussions that will slice your soul into lil demons, the duo's sound is unpredictable and not cute ;) It's everything you never knew you wanted!

LazerGazer aka Hala Namer (b.Damascus, Syria) is an Amsterdam-based artist, DJ, and sound performer. Coming from a performance background, Hala utilizes elements from myths and fiction to explore speculative narratives. Her practice investigates concepts regarding nightlife, deconstructed sound and systems control. Aside from her DJ practice, having performed in numerous international venues, Hala has also scored live films in Amsterdam, such as in Pride 2018, scoring Barbara Hammer's films in Melkweg, and Subbacultcha & Eye Film Museum in 2020. Currently, Hala's studying Moving Image department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

The work of Yara Said draws its inspiration from industrial noises, the breath of the city, shouts, hugs, death, love and linear and nonlinear or disrupted narratives. Through these daily experiences and occurrences, the artist aims to initiate a discussion focusing on identity politics and the aesthetics of representation. Said - also known as Noise Diva - transcends preconceptions and blurs the lines of her art through different mediums such as video, sound, painting, performance, installations, writing, DJing and music production. Graduated last year from Sandberg Institute.
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